Islanders are serious about preserving land for parks, trails and public use. The Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation District maintains 32 miles of trails, 1600 acres of parks, and a public aquatic center. Additionally, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust, a membership-based non-profit, works with land owners to protect 1300 acres, 1000 of which are open to the public.

Trip Advisor users rank these as the top 10 parks on the island:

  1. Bloedel Reserve
  2. Faye Bainbridge Park
  3. Fort Ward State Park
  4. Battle Point Park
  5. Bainbridge Gardens (not really a park but fun to explore!)
  6. Islandwood
  7. Pritchard Park
  8. The Grand Forest
  9. Gazzam Lake Preserve
  10. Hall’s Hill Labyrinth