Made a potentially difficult move very easy

We had to downsize, which is a difficult process. Jennifer suggested we price our home for more than we thought it was worth… and it sold for full price in 3 days! You can’t beat that. She also worked hard to help us find another home to buy on the island. It wasn’t an easy search for us but Jennifer found an excellent candidate in our price range, and we live in it today. Her emotional support, professionalism, and negotiating skills made a potentially difficult move very easy.


They have what it takes to find you the best home and get established in the community

I met Susan and Jennifer at an open house. I am so impressed with their knowledge about Bainbridge Island as well as their professionalism. I highly recommend working with them!

Jennifer grew up on Bainbridge and Susan moved to Bainbridge from out of state. Combined, they have what it takes to find you the best home and get established in the community!


Incredibly professional and knowledgable

Susan and Jennifer are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They sold our home and also represented us in the purchase of our new home. They know the real estate market as well as the community. They are honest, thorough and responsive.


Class-act representation throughout

It has been over three months since we closed the door to our home of 12 years for the last time, ready to move on to a new adventure. All of the anxiety and emotion of having to move through the sales process had been mitigated by our listing agents and we received expert guidance and attention. We experienced class-act representation throughout.

What a relief and a job well done by Jennifer Saez and Susan Lorenz. They were spot-on explaining what our expectations should be, and followed through every step to assure an on-schedule closing. From pricing to photography to staging and open houses, to inspections and repairs and plowing through paperwork, they were always on top of it.

They even managed to ease the sting of having to leave a home we loved by sharing how the new owners were charmed by it when it became theirs. Susan and Jennifer should be considered by anyone interested in selling or purchasing property, as they are knowledgeable and professional.


The second house Susan showed us is now our home!

We wanted to buy a good home for a good price, in a good neighborhood. We didn’t want to feel rushed or ripped off, or like we missed something for not moving fast enough. Susan Lorenz took the time to understand us, to learn about our priorities, our interests, and our style. She must have paid attention because the second house Susan showed us is now our home!

Between Susan and her partner, Jennifer Saez, we had a team that worked together seamlessly to provide everything from prompt phone and email responses to tracking down roofing experts.

Susan and Jennifer will be our first call, and our first recommendation, for all things real estate on Bainbridge Island and the surrounding areas.

The fun and excitement we had buying our new house – ten!
The anxiety we had buying a new house – zero!


Jennifer and Susan are the best you can find

Jennifer and Susan are really the perfect team.

Just shy of a year ago, we made the big leap from the Midwest to the Seattle area and being new to the region we decided to rent first. We found a place that sounded good on Bainbridge Island, but we would have to sign our rental agreement without seeing the place first. A little nervous, we did some searching and called Jennifer and Susan.

They agreed to scope out the apartment for us, no questions asked. Their detailed research and candid feedback made us confident in our decision. After renting for 6 months, we decided it was time to buy on Bainbridge Island. Again, we called Jennifer and Susan to help us through this journey.

They listened to our wants and needs and also gave us great information about the Bainbridge Island market. Jennifer grew up in this area, so she brings great perspective on the community and how it has developed. Susan grew up in the Midwest as well, so she brings a great outsider's perspective. With this combination, we felt confident that our home was going to meet all our needs and it would be a pleasurable buying experience.

We couldn't have been more right; those two exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond each and every house we looked at. If you’re looking to relocate to Bainbridge, Jennifer and Susan are the best you can find. (Fort Ward)


Honest, professional, responsive, and extremely hard working

While the experience of selling a home can be tremendously stressful, both Susan Lorenz and Jennifer Saez did an outstanding job to minimize it. I found them to both be very honest, professional, responsive, and extremely hard working. They both did an outstanding job helping me to understand what was taking place at every step in the process, from what documents I was signing to the pros and cons of considering offers. In addition, they were very helpful and effective at navigating some of the complications that arose during the inspection.

I can’t provide a strong enough recommendation for them both. They are an outstanding team and I would definitely work with them again if the need arises.


Responded to all of my questions

We worked with Susan on listing our home and she did an excellent job! Selling (or buying!) is a stressful process and she remained calm and responded to all of my questions in a quick and professional manner. I would highly recommend working with this team!


We found a great house at a great price

Jennifer and Susan were wonderful! They looked for houses based on the criteria we were looking for. They didn’t try to convince us to buy a bigger or more expensive house than we wanted. We found a great house at a great price and location. We’re very happy with our new home.