Erin Parker Photography
Erin Parker Photography

The life of a dog couldn’t be more grand than one living on Bainbridge Island.

The off leash park at Strawberry Hill is a dream come true for dogs and their owners. With over two beautifully forested fenced acres to run safely free this spot is to be cherished by all who seek it out as a exercise destination. Picnic tables are located under the trees to provide an inviting spot to sit and enjoy the freedom for hours.
Smaller dogs have the option to remain in smaller fenced areas. The water cooler has an automatic refill setting and there are many watering spots and throw toys to share.
It truly is a wonderland!

Tucked in the tall trees of the Island are miles of public trails and paths that meander, cross and join up endlessly. Even the most dedicated trail blazer can be challenged by the twists and turns, loops and hills. They have been meticulously blazed by many volunteers with posted signs too to keep walkers on the straight and narrow (if you so choose!) Getting lost in the midst of this wonder and beauty could be an adventure to remember and treasure as a memory. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!