Bainbridge Island Public Library is featuring local artist Norimi Kusanagi at the February Art Walk.  February 6th from 5-7pm.  Below is a description of her beautiful walk


A typical day will find Bainbridge Island resident, Norimi Kusanagi, on a mission to seek out and snip off small leaves and flower petals that others may pass by without notice.  She presses the specimens, collected from Bainbridge Island, Hawaii, California, New York, and Japan, into a holding book where they await their next transformation.

Ms. Kusanagi creates each design by arranging the pressed leaves and flower petals to reflect nature’s simple elegance. Photocopying the image preserves the vibrant color and texture that soon fades away, since the pressed specimen naturally decays. As the final step, she customizes each card by placing a hand-stamped Japanese character 合掌 “gassho”, literally meaning, “putting hands together”. This is the Japanese version of NAMASTE, interpreted as love, gratitude, peace, and compassion.

There will be more than one hundred images selected from all seasons displayed in this exhibit, which is dedicated to Ms. Kusanagi’s mother and father who passed away in 2013.  Her parents gave her the gift of seeing nature as it is and being inspired by its beauty.

All images © 2015 Norimi Kusanagi