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There’s more to selling a home than posting a sign in your yard.

With deep island roots and a wealth of real estate experience tightly focused on Bainbridge Island, we excel at the three primary strategies which make a successful sale:

Tailoring the marketing strategy to your needs

We understand that different sellers have different goals: For some, it’s realizing the maximum possible sales price. For others, a speedy sale is more important. And sometimes it’s necessary to balance those factors with a simple, painless transaction. Whatever your situation, we’ll listen carefully to your requirements and create a plan that’s right for you.

Pricing your home correctly

Pricing is part art, part science, and all about experience. By keeping a close eye on the latest sales statistics, keeping an ear to the ground, and understanding the island community, we can help you price your home to best support your goals.

Merchandising the property

With our team of experts, we’ll help you prepare your home for the best possible presentation –  both in person and online. Whether you need a little advice, an extra set of hands, or help with landscaping, painting, or even a quick remodel, we will collaborate with you and share our network of specialists to do the job quickly and correctly.

Get a FREE home valuation report