This summer’s Bainbridge in Bloom on July 12 and 13 marks its 25-year anniversary. One of the Pacific Northwest’s premier garden tours, the Bloom will invite garden lovers into five Bainbridge Island gardens chosen to represent the best of Bainbridge Island’s garden excellence and diversity.

The tour also will reflect some changes that its organizers believe will make it an even more enjoyable experience for tour goers, including shortening it to just Friday and Saturday and allowing people to drive or bike themselves to the gardens.

According to Barbara Sacerdote, Executive Director of the Arts & Humanities Council, “We’ve made some improvements to the garden tour this year by pruning it back to a concentrated two days, moving our Bloom Hub to the Filipino-American Community Hall, and eliminating the mandatory buses.” She added that she expects that allowing visitors to follow their own schedules to view the gardens “will please many people.”

Bloom Hub: tickets and maps available at the Filipino-American Hall 7566 NE High School Rd. on Bainbridge Island.