Bainbridge Artisan Resource NetworkLocal Artists, Collaboration, and Art Classes:  Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network. BARN was formed in 2012.  Sallie Maron, co-founder of the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) project, explained to me how this new facility will encourage the building up of useful (and beautiful) personal skills among citizens.  Classes and a class schedule can be found on the website:

“We are forming BARN to build and operate an artisan center with well-equipped community workshops for woodworking, metalworking, fiber arts, jewelry making, and other artisan crafts. The center will also include a Maker Space—a collaborative workshop where active and retired engineers can team up with young inventors and tinkers to help people gain practical, hands-on experience with new technologies and innovative processes to design and build projects.

BARN will offer classes for adults and young people at all skill levels and open studio time for those working on personal projects, in a setting that encourages collaboration. Groups will work together on projects that benefit the community and/or require the talents of many individuals, s

Much of the work at BARN will be artistic; however, people can also use the center for practical projects, such as repairing furniture or other household items.   A book library for all the different arts and crafts and a lunchroom will be combined to create a sense of community and to encourage a crossover of disciplines. We’ll be receptive to all ideas and will embrace programs that respond to the diverse interests of islanders and their neighbors. It’s an exciting project to see come to life.